With over a 20 year track record of quality, BSI specializes in providing superior facility management services. Initially serving Johns Hopkins Institutions, we have expanded our portfolio to include over twenty properties throughout the State of Maryland. This growth has occurred by a continuous focus on our mission of providing high value service to the tenants, preserving the life of the assets through a comprehensive maintenance plan and meeting the needs of the owners by developing effective financial controls and future improvement plans.

Broadway Services, Inc. has resolved the dilemma of task management by successfully integrating technology with people. As a result, virtually every aspect of task oriented services designed to support tenants’ needs and building infrastructure can be centrally monitored, creating true facilities management.
To ensure superior property and facility management, BSI has employed a unique approach to manage assets. All facility data is housed in a central database. Using this data, the Tenant Request Center accepts requests, distributes work, monitors performance, monitors building systems, and advises the tenant when the work is completed. As a client, requests can be initiated via email or phone. This virtually eliminates discrepancies, resulting in high tenant satisfaction.

BSI currently maintains staffing on both a mobile and site specific basis. This level of staffing is determined by the needs of the client and facility. Our highly trained team is available to be dispatched to facilities that do not have dedicated site staffing. This allows for rapid response to customer needs.

BSI’s Tenant Request Center uses technology to maximize resources to get the job done. Each assigned BSI field technician is issued a Field Communication Device (FCD). The FCD allows the Tenant Request Center to communicate with the field technician electronically. This allows tasks to be assigned, performed, monitored and completed on a daily basis with minimum staff.
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